AI Lift Score

Accept more creditworthy borrowers

Benefit: Increase acceptance rates and grow profitable accounts

AI Lift is an AI-powered Credit Risk Web Service that leverages broad and unique alternative data sources to deliver the AI Lift Score, enabling lenders to identify creditworthy thin-file and no-file borrowers. Easily incorporated into loan-decisioning platforms at any stage of the data waterfall, AI Lift uses Explainable AI techniques and FCRA data from CRA partners to give lenders the confidence to make and explain credit decisions. When lenders recently applied AI Lift to their loan-decisioning processes, they found between 20–30% overlooked accounts that turned out be creditworthy and profitable. Using AI Lift, lenders can grow profitable accounts while reducing risk, First Payment Default (FPD), fraud, and charge-offs.

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AI and alternative data enable lenders to customize scores and make smarter decisions. Traditional scoring gives you the big picture, but today’s lenders need more than that. If you knew the average temperature of the United States, you still wouldn’t know the weather outside your door. Just as micro-climates make real and measurable differences where we live, a Micro-Climate™ credit score gives you the specific information you need to make smarter lending decisions. This is where AI and alternative data yield the most beneficial results, letting you customize predictive insights to your business at each stage of your data waterfall.

High in the Data Waterfall

Lenders can apply real-time, AI-powered insights to screen applicants more accurately at the start of your loan-decisioning process. Instead of using generic scores that can eliminate too many applicants, or expensive scores loaded with thousands of variables, adding highly predictive insights here will allow you to accept the most creditworthy consumers, while segmenting higher risk applicants for further analysis. Because these AI powered insights are explainable, lenders will have information that can support compliance with the FCRA adverse action requirements.


Middle of the Data Waterfall

Using AI-powered insights at the middle of the waterfall helps inform decisions and effectively target segment products and offers based on the appropriate risk level. For example, an auto lender can tune a Micro-Climate score to assess the unique risk thresholds for expensive cars, and use a different score for entry-level or pre-owned models.

  • Identify up to 20-30% more creditworthy borrowers

  • Open more profitable accounts

  • Leverage Explainable AI to support FCRA adverse action requirements

  • Optimize profitability by tuning scores to both short and
    long-term objectives

  • Reduce risk, First Payment Default (FPD), fraud, and charge-offs.


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