The power to grow business in an uncertain market

The lending landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, and you need to make intelligent decisions. That’s where we come in. Accelitas enlists an unprecedented fusion of Artificial Intelligence and alternative data to Predict Credit and Confirm Identities, enabling fast, fair and frictionless access to more good customers.


Accelerated Insight platform:
The fast, fair, frictionless experience

AI Lift: accept more creditworthy borrowers, revive rejected loan applicants
AI Extract: streamline mobile account opening
AI Verify: confirm customer identities to meet CIP and KYC requirements
Mobile Verification: confirm mobile customers in seconds, reduce abandonment, fraud and rejection rates

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See what you’ve been missing:
Millions of creditworthy customers

They’re the future of your business. 70 million strong and loaded with purchasing power. But according to traditional credit screening, they simply don’t exist. It’s not fair for either borrower or lender. Accelitas has a better solution: an AI powered way to find creditworthy Millennials, Gen Z, and a young generation of digital natives, and turn them into good new customers.


Predictive analytics:
the definition of success

Traditional credit scores are fine for the big picture. But these days you need more than that. It’s like a weather forecast that tells you the average temperature of the United States — you still have no idea what’s happening outside your door. By using predictive AI techniques and proprietary algorithms, Accelitas can generate a Micro-Climate™ score, tuned to the precise elements needed to grow your business.


See why Accelitas is smart for your business

Accelitas is scoring returns across the financial services landscape

From consumer finance, to automotive lending, retail financing, and Fintech, Accelitas delivers smarter, faster, safer decisions by customizing models by industry, audience, and geography for each customer.

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