Our Mission

Accelerated truth, delivered fairly.

At Accelitas, our mission is to provide the real-time web services and predictive data analytics that help companies dramatically increase their identity intelligence — so they can grant more customers faster, fairer and more frictionless access to their businesses.

Our Name

Accelitas is an invented name, but it’s an invention that truly reflects the marriage of speed and accuracy that our Accelerated Insights platform brings to our customers’ digital account opening practices. It combines the Latin accelerare (speed) with veritas (truth), and it’s close to aequitas, which means equity or fairness.

Pronunciation Guide: Accel-erate + Ver-itas

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Customer Identity Intelligence

To thrive in a digital world, organizations need Customer Identity Intelligence: real-time, predictive insights about all relevant real-time knowledge about customers, including their identities and creditworthiness. Customer Identity Intelligence isn’t just a repository of consumer data. It’s an interactive approach to analytics that enables organizations to Identify and verify at every stage of the customer journey.

Identity Intelligence venn diagram.png

See More Identities 

Access and identify customer IDs that traditional approaches overlook

Identify Predictive Signals

Leverage data analytics and machine learning techniques to identify predictive signals that other services miss

Optimize Performance Over Time

Identify attributes and performance indicators that build intelligence, confidence and improve outcomes

Our Company

Accelitas is a leading provider of identity intelligence services that help companies identify and say "yes" to more customers.

Our Accelerated Insight® platform includes four real-time web services that provide a faster, smarter way to seamlessly open digital accounts, quickly authenticate IDs, verify profitable customers, and revive previously rejected applicants. The resulting decreases in abandonment, risk and charge offs, and rejection rates can deliver an ROI as high as 30:1.