Case Studies

Accelitas delivers unprecedented predictive analytics to make more confident decisions. With better insight, accuracy, and transparency, we help create a more equitable and robust access for both borrower and lender. Leveraging a secure cloud-based platform, Accelitas confirms identities and predicts credit, giving lenders vastly more clarity and confidence throughout the lending process. Download our case studies to learn how we’ve helped companies seamlessly open accounts, verify identities, and say “yes” to creditworthy customers.



To optimize the initial experience of new customers, a U.S. mid-tier bank with nearly 300 branches improved the quality of the intelligence used in its Customer Identification Program (CIP) to streamline its account opening process.


With a FinTech company’s app using AI Extract, consumers can take a photo of the front and back of a government-issued ID and have their name and address information automatically entered into an account application screen, creating a fast, frictionless customer experience.


AI Lift enabled the company to pursue these new customers which they had already paid to find and screen, but had rejected. The increase in revenue and accompanying profits has achieved an estimated return on investment of 30:1.