Accelerated Insight Platform Overview

Accelerated Insight® Platform
Identify, confirm, and say "yes" to more good customers


By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and alternative data to confirm identity and predict profitability, our Accelerated Insight® API Platform powers real-time services that provide a faster, smarter way to seamlessly open accounts, verify identities, and accept more creditworthy customers.

Predict Credit

Our Customer Insight web services provide a faster, smarter way to predict and accept creditworthy borrowers, and revive previously rejected applicants. The platform features two web services: AI Lift™ Score and AI Lift™ Save.

  • AI Lift Score is an AI-powered Credit Risk Web Service that leverages any data source to deliver the AI Lift Score, enabling lenders to identify creditworthy thin-file and no-file borrowers. 

  • AI Lift Save applies proprietary AI techniques like machine learning to analyze rejected financial applications for overlooked indications of creditworthiness, enabling companies to say “yes” to profitable applicants they would otherwise have rejected.


Confirm Identity

Our Document Insight services are designed specifically to address the challenges of identifying and verifying consumers while providing a fast, frictionless experience for opening accounts. The platform features three real-time web services AI Extract™, AI Verify™ and a Mobile Verification solution that combines the two services:

  • AI Extract reads government-issued IDs such as driver’s licenses and passports, extracts barcode and text data, and uses extracted data to auto-form-fill account applications.

  • AI Verify performs advanced data analysis on submitted consumer information to verify identities, comply with AML and KYC regulations, and return risk/confidence scores in seconds.

  • Mobile Verification combines our AI Extract and AI Verify services to verify mobile users so you can reduce mobile abandonment and fraud without compromising your customer’s experience.