Process and Pricing

We make it easy to get up and running quickly.

After a brief consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals, we work with you to implement a solution that is truly customized to your business.

By leveraging the Accelerated Insight® Platform, our secure SOC-compliant SaaS platform of API services, we will have you seamlessly opening accounts, verifying identities, and accepting more creditworthy customers in no time.

Accelitas offers competitive pricing by leveraging established partnerships with the most trusted data resources in the industry. Our unique ability to leverage AI and alternative data, allows us to deliver highly predictive insights with lower data requirements.

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Predict Credit: Five Easy Steps to Accept More Creditworthy Customers

1. Quick and painless needs and goals assessment
2. Provide a data file through our secure portal
3. Process test file and identify good customer buckets
4. Apply to rejected accounts in a live test
5. Integrate and begin identifying and accepting new profitable customers


Confirm Identity: Four Easy Steps to a Frictionless Account Opening Experience

1. Conduct demo and use case analysis
2. Connect APIs to existing account opening process
3. Test and monitor service to optimize results
4. Start seamlessly opening new accounts