Accelerated Insight Platform Overview

Accelerated Insight® Platform
Identify, confirm, and say "yes" to more good customers


By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and alternative data to confirm identity and predict profitability, our Accelerated Insight® API Platform powers real-time services that provide a faster, smarter way to seamlessly open accounts, verify identities, and accept more creditworthy customers.

Customer Insights

Our Customer Insights web services provide a faster, smarter way to verify and accept creditworthy borrowers, and revive previously rejected applicants. The platform features two web services: AI Verify™ and AI Lift™:  

  • AI Lift applies proprietary AI techniques like machine learning to analyze rejected financial applications for overlooked indications of creditworthiness, enabling companies to say “yes” to more thin-file and no-file borrowers.

  • AI Verify performs advanced data analysis on submitted consumer information to verify identifies and return risk/confidence scores in real time.

Document Insights

Our Document Insights services are designed specifically to address the challenges of identifying and authenticating consumers on mobile devices while providing them a fast, frictionless experience for opening accounts. The platform features two real-time web services AI Extract™ and AI Authenticate™:  

  • AI Extract reads government-issued IDs such as driver’s licenses and passports, extracts barcode and text data, and uses extracted data to auto-form-fill account applications.

  • AI Authenticate applies AI and patented machine learning techniques to analyze IDs for fraud and instantly authenticates IDs, returning an indication of whether a submitted ID is real or fake. AI Authenticate also tokenizes IDs, so they can be instantly recognized in future transactions.

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