Accelitas, Inc. Granted Patent for Document Authentication Based on Expected Wear
and Tokenization

Patented Technology Enables the Accelitas Accelerated Insight® Platform to Analyze ID Wear for Authentication and Document Tracking, Streamlining Account Opening and Transaction Verification

NOVATO, Calif., June 7, 2018– Accelitas, Inc. the leading provider of Customer Identity Intelligence, today announced that it has been issued U.S. Patent No. 9,946,865 B2 for “Document Authentication Based on Expected Wear.” The patent expands on the original U.S. Patent No. 9,483,629, expanding the breadth of the features and functionality. The patents cover a unique system that enables authentication based on a physical document, ID, photograph, barcode or magnetic stripe. Specifically, an authentication service is described that utilizes characteristics of the item, data or token that represents the item or data to authenticate a user. The characteristics of the item or data may be processed based partially on the expected wear or degree of difference of the item, data or token from the last time it was presented.

“This patent demonstrates our unique approach to document authentication based on AI techniques like machine learning,” said Greg Cote, CEO of Accelitas, Inc. “Our real-time document authentication and identity verification platform adapts to real world conditions, such as the wear or change that identity documents experience through everyday handling or the passage of time. Recognizing that any reliable document authentication solution would need to account for the real-world conditions of those documents, we developed this unique approach to analyzing driver licenses and other identity documents that consumers present when authenticating themselves. To develop this technology, we leveraged our unique role as the physical custodian of fraudulent identity documents that had been confiscated by banks. Our real-time web services solve the document authentication and account-screening problems that financial institutions, retailers and non-bank lenders are facing every day.”

“Our Accelerated Insight® Platform is designed to adapt and learn what identity documents should look like, including their security features and other identifying features,” Cote continued. “Whether it's used at account opening to authenticate a new account holder or for verifying a returning customer via the unique token assigned by the platform to a specific ID, our document insight web services ensure a safe, frictionless consumer experience that will help organizations identify more customers and accelerate the adoption of mobile financial services.”

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