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Benefit: Verify Mobile Users without Compromising Customer Experiences

Now you can reduce mobile abandonment and fraud without compromising your customer’s experience. Start opening mobile accounts and verifying customers with a real-time solution that is fast, accurate and affordable. Our mobile verification solution is the fastest way to identify and say “yes” more mobile customers.

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Our mobile verification solution addresses the biggest challenges of mobile account opening, including high abandonment rates from poor user experience and high rejection rates resulting from limited data for account screening. Built on the Accelerated Insight® API Platform, our AI Extract and AI Verify web services come together and enable businesses to:

Deliver Frictionless Customer Experience
Instead of forcing customers to type lots of information on a smartphone screen, AI Extract reads customer data from a photo of a government issued ID. Using data extracted from IDs streamlines account opening while reducing errors from typos. AI Extract reduces typing requirements to little more than entering an SSN. Basic name and address data is read automatically from the photo of the ID and auto-form-filled. Companies get the customer data they want, while customers get a fast, easy-to-use experience.

Identify More Mobile Customers
AI Verify 
draws on a broad collection of trusted data sources, including alternative data, to provide the broadest possible coverage for screening applicants. Surpassing the reach of traditional data sources and screening techniques, our data analytics provide coverage for up to 95% of the population, including digital-first and underserved populations. AI Verify also identifies more recent addresses.

Support for Regulatory Compliance
AI Verify can be configured to provide identity verification required by industry regulations, such as KYC requirements in the USA PATRIOT Act. In addition, it optionally provides OFAC screening required for financial services in the U.S. AI Verify™ performs advanced data analysis on submitted consumer information to verify identities and return risk/confidence scores in real time.

  • Real-time identity verification, CIP compliance, and risk analysis

  • Match rates that are as much as 30% higher than those of traditional screening services

  • Predictive data-driven insights that support saying “yes” to more accounts with confidence, enabling companies to Identify more profitable accounts

  • Reduced risks of fraud and financial loss


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