Identifying More Good Customers

As the world becomes more digital and the credit markets begin to tighten, good customers are becoming more valuable than ever. But where will they come from? And how will you find them?

To grow and thrive, your business needs access to more good consumers, including consumers invisible to traditional credit scores and screening services. And you need the AI-powered analytics and alternative data that makes accessing and lending to these consumers safe and profitable.

Accelitas has the expertise, technology, and partnerships to brings together Identity Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Alternative Data, enabling businesses to identify and accept creditworthy borrowers that traditional screening services miss.

Identity Intelligence venn diagram.png

See More Identities 

Identify and access 30% of the adult U.S. population of thin and no-file consumers that traditional approaches overlook

Identify Predictive Signals

Leverage data, analytics, AI and machine learning techniques to identify predictive signals that other services miss

Optimize Performance Over Time

Identify attributes and performance indicators that build intelligence, confidence, and improve outcomes