AI Lift

Say “Yes” to Creditworthy Borrowers

Benefit: Safely grow profitable accounts while reducing risk, FPD, and charge-offs

AI Lift is an AI-powered Credit Risk Web Service that leverages alternative data to deliver an AI Lift Score that is uncorrelated to traditional sources, enabling lenders to identify more creditworthy borrowers.

AI Lift is complementary to existing data waterfalls and can easily be incorporated at any stage of your loan decision process, so lenders can safely grow profitable accounts while reducing risk, First Payment Default (FPD), and charge-offs. 

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By leveraging Explainable AI techniques and FCRA data from Credit Reporting Agency partners, AI Lift gives lenders the confidence to make and explain credit decisions.

When lenders recently applied AI Lift to their loan-decisioning processes, they identified 20-30% accounts that turned out to be creditworthy and profitable.

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Our unique combination of uncorrelated alternative data sources and proprietary AI algorithms can be customized to your business needs to help you by:

  • Finding creditworthy customers and growing profits with new generations of borrowers about whom traditional scores have little or no data.

  • Fine-tuning data waterfalls (the series of analytical steps that yield a credit decision) to deliver more predictive insights at any stage of the loan-decisioning process.

  • Re-evaluating rejected applicants to ensure that no indications of creditworthiness have been overlooked.

  • Finding the most predictive and effective metrics to focus on when making lending decisions


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