AI Extract

Read and Upload Customer IDs

Benefit: Fast, Accurate Auto-form-fill

AI Extract™, our real-time automated service, reads government-issued IDs such as driver’s licenses and passports, extracts barcode and text data, and uses extracted data to auto-form-fill account applications. 

AI Extract: 2 Pictures = 150 Fewer Keystrokes

  • Detect, read, and extract data:

    • Bar code data

    • OCR data

  • Accurate auto-form-fill via our fast, secure web-services API

  • Asynchronous text for call center and PC based interactions

  • Compatible with mobile app platforms (iOS, Android)

  • Easy-to-integrate SAAS service


Accelerated Insight Platform:

AI Lift Score
AI Lift Save
AI Extract
AI Verify
Mobile Verification

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Mobile Account Opening Solved

Built on the Accelerated Insight®API Platform, our AI Extract web service enables businesses to:

  • Deliver Frictionless Customer Experience
    Instead of forcing customers to type lots of information on a smartphone screen, AI Extract reads customer data from a photo of a government issued ID. Using data extracted from IDs streamlines account opening while reducing errors from typos. AI Extract reduces typing requirements to little more than entering an SSN. Basic name and address data is read automatically from the photo of the ID and auto-form-filled. Companies get the customer data they want, while customers get a fast, easy-to-use experience.

  • Grow Your Mobile Business
    Mobile account opening enables companies to reach mobile-first consumers, including Millennials, Generation Z consumers, and immigrant populations.